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Chilly morning with the wild parrots

early morning parrot grooming

Getting ready for the first big flight of the day. I love how they groom themselves and each other.


Remember this, the parched expanse of Bluffs Park last fall?

Bluffs Park, Nov. 4, 2016\

Now it's this:

Bluffs Park, Feb. 22, 2017


It's a one-way love affair with the hawk, who tolerates ignores me...

hawk in the santa monica mtns

oak and hawk

...until I get too close.

off he goes

Magic oak

No matter how much it rains, the sides of this tree remain dry.

epic rain, dry tree

Between the storms

between the rain storms

With all the wind and clouds and sudden storms, rainbows and thunder and moments of sun, it felt more like a Caribbean island here yesterday than our typical California binary of rain or shine.

Signs of Saturday: Bu plate special

Ohio state edition:

bu plate ohio edition

The Malibu Pier today

If you were at the pier today, you pretty much had it all to yourself.

storm rolls through

malibu pier on friday

You're hearing wind and surf and PCH.

storm at the malibu pier

malibu storm

Red sky at morning

morning clouds

pre-storm sunrise

Meant to wake in time for the pre-storm sunrise but caught just the tail end of it from the front yard.


around the bend

The bridge up ahead and the bend in the road and the sound and scent of the creek, the breeze and new leaves and -- well, you get the idea. You walk and you walk and you keep on walking.



The nasturtiums are going crazy in all this rain, leaves as big as dinner plates.

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