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Veronique de Turenne

Early-morning hieroglyphics

early bird

Sand and shadows and seagull prints, each with a story to tell.

tbt: Santa Anas and morning light

tbt: oct 19, 2006

There's the '49 Plymouth, still sorely missed.

Throwback Thursday: On Murphy's Way, Oct. 19, 2006.

It's Puppy Wednesday!

best friends

For a good portion of so many walks, the main sight is puppy butts.

The new normal

Hard to say what's more dismaying -- how bare the Santa Monica mountains still are nearly a year after the fires, or how few people even realize it.

Actually, the latter.

the post-fire mountains are so bare

A view on Cornell Road near Mulholland Highway.

A hawk in the oak

california oak and hawk

hawk in the canyon

35 seconds of the creek in Solstice Canyon

35 seconds of Solstice Canyon creek

Just the sound of water running. (And one quick parrot call.)

The view from here this morning

smoke from the Saddleridge Fire reaches Malibu

We have moderate gusting winds, tons of smoke, and at this time, no local fire. Everyone's on edge, needless to say, and praying for the safety of the first responders and residents of the fire zone.

tbt: La belle France

Let's drift back to the 1600s when a certain great-great-great-etc grandfather made his mark and now a market and cafe and a street bear his name.

Rue de Turenne in Paris

I love the lights and the rain

Let's stop in for a kir royale...

Photos by Kevin Roderick

It's Puppy Wednesday!

Walt has a halo

Shooting into the sun and Walt has a little halo.

And yes, the 9/11 flags display at Pepperdine is still up. Two weeks and counting.

Miss Crankypants alert

marine layer over point dume

Today a local meteorologist was saying LA is in for high winds and high temps later this week, which will interrupt our "typical fall weather", and to be blunt, that's ignorant. High winds and heat are typical fall weather in Southern California. That's exactly what happens here in September and October and, lately, into November. It's that same lack of awareness that lets people say with a straight face that LA has no seasons, which is only true when you've decided not to pay attention.

End of crankiness. (For now.)

Meanwhile there's Point Dume, along with today's marine layer making a slow retreat.

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