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Slow posting

The Twitter feed is curated and updated most days. Posting to the blogs is more sporadic.
Gary Leonard
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Take My Picture Gary Leonard
Spotted downtown near Disney Hall. More by Gary Leonard.

Gary Leonard

Year of the Rat

Gary in Chinatown for the 42nd annual Firecracker Run/Walk.
Don Shirley

Meet Jane Doe...and '$5 Shakespeare'

Our columnist offers his thoughts on several plays currently running on Los Angeles-area stages.
Gary Leonard

Across from Disney Hall

Spotted downtown near Disney Hall.
Iris Schneider

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures preview

The film academy gave the media in town for the Oscars a look around the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, scheduled to open at Wilshire and Fairfax perhaps later this year.
Donna Perlmutter

Breakouts from Kennedy Center to Disney Hall

LA's own Michael Tilson Thomas just became a Kennedy Center honoree in the most vibrant profile of the entire televised celebration, and is very visible these days at Disney Hall.
Bill Boyarsky

SB 50: It will be a fight to remember

As explained by a team of Los Angeles Times Community News reporters, Senate Bill 50 touches the sanctity of a home and the independence of local officials by allowing high rise apartments next to single family dwellings. Nowhere is this clearer than in the Orange County suburbs explored by the reporters.
Native Intelligence
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Winter white

It rained in the valley, it fogged in the hills, it snowed in the mountains. Everybody got a huge helping of winter in the desert.